Play Fight

There’s a raw edge to passion- its that insatiable emotion that guides one into doing something with little to no heed of the consequences. A double sided blade that cuts those who grip it close.

Its allowing oneself to be overcome with sensation, with feeling, with… fire.

And there’s an edge to human need for companionship. We need each other. We are all interdependent.

We crave someone to share our life with, and to be an intricately woven support structure in our dreams, hopes, and desires. In our future.

But there’s also the animalistic side of that need- the side that is feral, natural. Instinct’s aren’t just emotions- they are our brain processing information so fast that our conscious state is unable to pick up on. Make no mistake- instincts are the power of our unconscious mind at its unrivaled glory. Instincts are raw, and built in.

In the natural world, a male would first have to completely overpower a potential mate, thus winning their respect, and their submission. By doing so the male earns his right to be her… dare I say.. king. 

Similarly, for a brat, there’s a  need to be put in your place- a desire to act in such a fashion that you have to be taken down a couple of dozen notches. But once you have been conquered… I feel that my submission is somehow greater.

Now, here comes the fun part- playfulness for me, often leads to pretend fights (pillow fights, wrestling… etc), which… leads to the.. ahem… the other stuff. Ahem… Cough…

So yes, technically there is a reason as to why brats need taming. But am I a brat? I don’t think so… I’m just… playful ;D

For me playfulness is teasing, testing, and breaking…. wait, no, thats faaaar to harsh a word… just a teensy weensy tiny little bending of the rules. Just so long as nobody notices! Its okay to sneak a cookie on the sly… just so long as it isn’t the last one. Its okay to jump on the bed… so long as nobody is home, and I tidy up afterwards.


I think it may be due to the fact that I just… want to feel like he worked, like he put some effort into it, before I flop over belly upwards,  ya know what I mean?

My point is- being tamed is fun. Well it can be. Just not for your poor behind if you get caught…

Lesson- don’t get caught 😀




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